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Get to Know NBAH


Angel Brothers, D.V.M.

Angel Brothers grew up in Huntsville, AL. She was raised in the city but was always meant for the country, where she could have room for animals. From a young age, she resolved to pursue veterinary medicine. She graduated from Huntsville High School, went to Lipscomb University in Nashville for a couple of years undergraduate, finished prevet studies and graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. She met her husband, Dennis, at Auburn and came to settle in this area in 1997. She worked in a few private practices before opening North Blount Animal Hospital in 2006. She and her husband have two children, Lecil and Allie, both of whom graduated from Auburn University in 2020 and 2023 respectively.


Megan Sloan

Office Manager, Receptionist since 2011

Megan began working in 2011 as a veterinary assistant at NBAH. She excels with skills in that area, but as other needs arose within the practice, she moved into the receptionist position. In 2022, she was promoted to Office Manager and has been a great asset to Dr. Brothers in scheduling staff, communications with distributors and sales reps, and basically making sure everything happens efficiently!

Julie Sanders

Animal Care Specialist since 2011

Julie is an essential behind the scenes staff member! Many of you do not realize that she has been part of NBAH since 2011. Julie takes care of animals staying in the hospital (boarding or hospitalized) on days that the office is closed. She is a nurse in the human medical field and does an excellent job in aiding in treatment and monitoring of hospitalized pets and also keeping our boarders fed, clean and comfortable while they are here.


Alaina Hays

Veterinary Assistant since 2018

Alaina works as a veterinary assistant and although she has always had a very calming demeanor around animals, her skills in procedures have advanced quickly since the beginning of her employment in 2018. She has great leadership abilities and keeps the day's schedule running smoothly.

Paige Bailey

Veterinary Assistant since 2021

Beginning in the summer of 2021, Paige began working at the NBAH during the summer months. She began as most first timers working in a veterinary facility do, caring for animals in the hospital's care in the kennels. Her desire to learn more about the profession has allowed her to develop skills in procedures quickly. Spring of 2023, she returned to work as a full time employee and is an important part of the staff. 


Annette Martin

Veterinary Assistant since 2022

Annette joined NBAH in late summer of 2022. She came from working at a pet rescue facility and already had great animal care and handling skills. She has found many other abilities during her time here and learns more daily. She has great communication skills and is very valuable to the practice.

Keeper Bismark

Blood Donor since 2017

"Keeper" is our resident blood donor dog. Keeper was born in 2011. He was retired from racing and adopted from the Birmingham Race Track after a career ending injury. Greyhounds are the best suited for blood donation due to their higher concentration of red blood cells compared to other breeds.


Our space features a large lobby, three clean exam rooms, specialized treatment and surgery areas, an x-ray room, an accessible tub and spacious indoor and outdoor boarding facilities. We have everything needed to provide your pet with the best care!

Our Clinic

In Memorium



Office Cat | 2008-2019

BigMac & Leroy 2012.jpg


Blood Donor | 2003-2012

BigMac & Leroy 2012.jpg

Big Mac

Blood Donor | 2009-2016




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Marshall's Legacy was established by Terri Tipton in memory of her beloved dog, Marshall, that succumbed to complications of diabetes. The fund aids clients with limited funds that need diagnostics for their pet which may lead to diagnosis of diseases such as diabetes and earlier treatment.




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